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Laptop Lock-Up Model LL20
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-20-07
Laptop Lock-up LL-10-07-AL 11-DRAWER E-TOOL CABINET ESD Protection
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-10-07-AL
Laptop Lock-up E-Tool Cabinet
Laptop Lock-up LL-10-16/20-CAC
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-16-20-07-CAC
Laptop Lock-up 10 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-up 5 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-Up Deployable E-Tool Cabinet Model LL7D-07
Laptop Lock-Up®
Deployable E-Tool Cabinet
LAPTOP LOCK-UP® Model LL-16/20-07-CAC
Laptop Lock-Up Model LL-16-07 front view: : Secure Laptop Cabinet, Locking Laptop Storage, Laptop Charging Cabinet, ESD safe cabinet
Shown with Drawer Front Options 

No Patch Cords required. 
No Couplers required. 

5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

LAPTOP LOCK-UP® A tool that makes Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Smart Phones, Tablets, Handhelds, and E-Tools more efficient by providing Communications, Battery Charging, and Security in a Computer Storage Cabinet.

LAPTOP LOCK-UP® cabinets provide safe storage, charging and communication solutions for commercial and military maintenance technicians throughout the United States. The drawer has the capability to charge the laptop battery and connect the laptop to the WLAN through a data communication connection provided by a patented coiled Cat 6 wiring system with an Ethernet switch. Laptop Lock-up® is a tool that makes laptops, notebooks, handhelds, and e-tools more efficient and makes mobile workers better able to complete their work assignments.

powered byCribMaster, Laptop Lock-Up Model LL-16-07 drawer view: Locking Laptop Storage, Secure Laptop Charging, ESD safe cabinetLaptop Lock-Up Model LL-16-07 drawer view: Locking Laptop Storage, Secure Laptop Charging, ESD safe cabinet

The Worlds Smartest Laptop Storage System

SPECIFICATIONS: Model Number: LL-16/20-07-CAC

  • 16 Drawer Laptop Security Cabinet CAC Enabled* (*CAC System cover by manufacturers warranty) LL_16_07 Card Reader: ESD safe cabinet, secure laptop cabinet
  • 69.5H X 44W X 28.00D with wheels and Monitor Enclosure.
  • Models available in 8, 10, 16, 18 and 20 drawers.
  • Riveted and Welded 16 gauge Steel Construction.
  • Durable Powder Coat Paint Finish. Tan, Stealth Blue, Black, other colors available
  • Full drawer width pull handles, with heavy duty, full extension telescopic drawer slides with precision ball bearings.
  • Drawer 17.75W X 18D X 5H. Inspection windows available at no additional cost.
  • 2 Storage Compartments 17.75W X 22.00D X 8.00H Secure Manual Over ride of the CAC locking system.
  • Cabinet is equipped with 2 Independent 110 VAC 15 AMP master power supplies which can be operated independently, if required.
  • AC power delivered to each drawer by a Patented Coiled Cord System, a coiled 15 amp, 3 pronged, grounded outlet per drawer; No mechanical wire management required. 
  • No wire installation required.
  • No Assembly required
  • 2 Independent synchronized fan systems provide quite cabinet cooling. Two 113 cfm. synchronized fans per system. Temperature controlled fan system can be either positive or negative air flow based on customer need.
  • Two 2-U Ethernet Switch rack mount locations in the rear of the cabinet in a key locked Security enclosure, with 2 or more external RJ 45 connections.
  • 6 heavy duty, non-marking, casters, 6 swivel and 6 locking.
  • CAT 6 Data Communication cables delivered to each drawer by a Patented Coiled Cord System, a coiled CAT 6 cable is connected to each drawer with a RJ 45 jack and directly to the Ethernet Switch (Customer to supply Ethernet Switch)
  • UPS provides power backup for the cooling fans and Ethernet Switch.(Both covered by manufacturers warranty) 
  • 2 Fork Lift/ Tie down tubes, with floor mounting brackets, for transport and additional security.
  • Zero Scheduled Maintenance Requirement for this cabinet.
CribMaster Software Features:
  • Administer adjustable lag time before a drawer can be accessed by a second user to allow the eTool to recharge
  • Item Restrictions Ability to prevent a particular eTool from being checked out (example Master eTool)
  • Electronically Control Item Access
  • Check Out Time Limit
  • Overdue Item Warning
  • Track Administrative changes by the TODO or Administrator
  • Allow user access to read only reports
  • 16 Alpha numeric naming convention for eTool
  • 25 Alpha numeric naming convention for drawer / cabinet
  • Crib Access Crib Privileges
  • Report by date range and eTool number displaying date and time checked out, checked in and employee information
  • Report by date range and Employee name displaying date and time checked out, checked in and eTool number.
  • Report by date range and Cabinet Number displaying all eTool activity
  • Report by Cabinet Number displaying current status of all eTools in cabinet.
  • 190 + Standard reports in the system
(available in 8, 10, 16, 18 and 20 drawers)
  • LL-8/10-07-CAC - Laptop Lock-up® 8 drawer cabinet
  • LL-10/10-07-CAC - Laptop Lock-up® 10 drawer cabinet
  • LL-16/20-07-CAC - Laptop Lock-up® 16 drawer cabinet
  • LL-18/20-07-CAC - Laptop Lock-up® 18 drawer cabinet
  • LL-20/20-07-CAC - Laptop Lock-up® 20 drawer cabinet
Download Printable Specification Sheet

Laptop Lock-Up® Operating Instructions

Zero Maintenance / Warranty Info.

For further information, please contact us.

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