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Laptop Lock-Up Model LL20
Laptop Lock-up® LL-10-07-AL 11-DRAWER E-TOOL CABINET ESD Protection
Laptop Lock-up E-Tool Cabinet
Laptop Lock-up LL-10-16/20-CAC
Laptop Lock-up 10 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-up 5 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-Up Deployable E-Tool Cabinet Model LL7D-07
DeployableE-Tool Cabinet
Laptop Lock-Up® Model LL-20-07 front view: : Secure Laptop Cabinet, Locking Laptop Storage, Laptop Charging Cabinet, ESD safe cabinetLAPTOPLOCK-UP® – A tool that makes Laptops, Notebooks,Netbooks, Smart Phones, Tablets, Handhelds, and E-Tools more efficientby providing Communications, Battery Charging, and Security in a ComputerStorage Cabinet.

LAPTOPLOCK-UP® cabinets provide safe storage, chargingand communication solutions for commercial and military maintenance techniciansthroughout the United States. Each technician is assigned an individuallykeyed drawer to store their laptop. The drawer has the capability to chargethe laptop battery and connect the laptop to the WLAN through a data communicationconnection provided by a patented coiled Cat 6 wiring system with an Ethernetswitch. Laptop Lock-up® is a tool that makes laptops, notebooks, handhelds,and e-tools more efficient and makes mobile workers better able to completetheir work assignments.

SPECIFICATIONS:Model Number: LL-20-07

  • 52"H X 40"W X 24"D Sturdy 16, 14, & 13gauge steel construction.
  • Durable Powder Coat Paint Finish.
  • Full drawer width pull handles, with heavyduty, full extension telescopic drawer slides with precision ball bearings.Drawer 16"W X 16"D X 3.5"H.
  • Separately locking drawers for security andindividual key assignment, with master keys that will work on all cabinetlocks.
  • Cabinet is equipped with 2 independent 110VAC 15 AMP master supply systems that can be ganged together or operatedseparately, if required.
  • AC power delivered to each drawer by a PatentedCoiled Cord System, a coiled 15 amp, 3 pronged, grounded outlet per drawer. Laptop Lock-Up® Model LL-20-07 side view: Locking Laptop Storage, Secure Laptop Charging, ESD safe cabinet
  • No mechanical wire management required. Nowire installation required.
  • Cat 6 Data Communication cables deliveredto each drawer by a Patented
  • Coiled Cord System, a coiled Cat 6 cable isconnected to each drawer with an RJ 45 jack and directly to the switch. 
  • No Patch Cords or Couplers required.
  • No mechanical wire management required; Nowire installation required.
  • 4 (105 cfm) fans with a noise reducing systemsprovide quite cabinet cooling.
  • 19" rack mount for switch conveniently locatedon the rear of the cabinet in a key locked security enclosure, with anexternal RJ 45 LAN connection.
  • 6 (4") heavy duty, non marking, swivel caster,all locking.
  • 2 Fork Lift / Tie down Tubes for easy transportand security.
    • LL2 - LaptopLock-up® 2 drawer cabinet
    • LL3 - LaptopLock-up® 3 drawer cabinet (with adjustable stand)
    LL5- Laptop Lock-up® 5 drawer cabinet (with adjustable stand)
    LL10- Laptop Lock-up®10 drawer cabinet


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