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Laptop Lock-Up Model LL20
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-20-07
Laptop Lock-up® LL-10-07-AL 11-DRAWER E-TOOL CABINET ESD Protection
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-10-07-AL
Laptop Lock-up E-Tool Cabinet
Laptop Lock-up LL-10-16/20-CAC
Laptop Lock-Up®
Model LL-16-20-07-CAC
Laptop Lock-up 10 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-up 5 Drawer Model
Laptop Lock-Up Deployable E-Tool Cabinet Model LL7D-07
Laptop Lock-Up®
Deployable E-Tool Cabinet
LAPTOP LOCK-UP® / Product Guide and Features
Laptop Lock-Up® E-Tool Cabinet: Secure Laptop Cabinet, ESD safe cabinetLAPTOP LOCK-UP® cabinets provides secure storage, battery charging, and communications for laptops, notebooks, tablets, handhelds, and e-tools.

LAPTOP LOCK-UP® cabinets provide safe storage, charging, and communication solutions for maintenance technicians throughout the United States. Each mobile field worker is assigned an individually keyed drawer in which to store their notebook. Each drawer has the capability to charge the laptop battery and connect the laptop to a LAN or WLAN through communication connections. This capability is provided by a patented, coiled, CAT 5 wiring system. In addition, there are options to include an Ethernet switch and a KVM switch of which both are backed up by a UPS.

• To easily secure laptop, notebooks, tablets, PDAs, and handhelds, recharge batteries, and download/upload data
• For storage of test equipment

• No installation necessary; simply remove from carton, connect to main power supply located on back of cabinet, and connect data line to switch. Laptop storage cabinet is then ready to securely store laptop computers or test equipment with the capability to recharge and/or download data while the notebook is secured in the drawer

• Patented power supply system; power to each drawer by a UL approved coiled cord with 3 prong grounded outlet

• Cat 5 Data connection to each drawer is by a patented coiled cord system with RJ45 jack

• Locking rear door allows easy access to internal components of the notebook cabinet

• Each drawer has a cam lock all keyed differently with 2 master keys per notebook security cabinet

• Drawers and storage cabinet vented on bottom and sides

• Highly durable textured powder coat paint in Black and Stealth Blue (other colors available)

• Mounting bracket to attach security cabinet to floor or wall

• Also available in 2, 3, or 5 drawer models


10-Drawer Unit — LL10

CONSTRUCTION: 13, 16, 18 gauge welded steel (approx ship weight 200 lbs.)

CABINET DIMENSIONS:  W20" X D20" X H 53" (D23" with security enclosure)

DRAWER DIMENSIONS:  W16" X D16" X H3 1/2" (10 drawer cabinet)


• 16 port Ethernet switch
• Fans
• Security enclosure
• Wheels
• KVM switch kit
• Retractable power cord
• Additional drawer sizes and configurations available


• LL2 - Laptop Lock-up® 2 drawer cabinet
• LL3 - Laptop Lock-up® 3 drawer cabinet (with adjustable stand)
• LL5 - Laptop Lock-up® 5 drawer cabinet (with adjustable stand)
• LL10 - Laptop Lock-up®10 drawer cabinet
• LL-10-07-AL 11 Drawer E-Tool Cabinet
• LL20 - Laptop Lock-up®20 drawer cabinet

• Deployable E-Tool Cabinet

SPECIFICATIONS, MAINETENANCE and other INSTRUCTIONS (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Laptop Lock-Up® Operating Instructions

Maintenance Schedule / Instructions

For further information, please contact us.

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